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About the Staff


Peg Hayes, owner of Lean on Me Solutions and professional organizer.  A background in teaching and coaching have created a profile overflowing with ingenuity and attention to detail.  A few marathons contribute to a tenacity for endurance.  Experience in sales and customer service lend expertise in listening and problem solving.  Approaching life from a "lighter side" perspective insures that even the biggest project can be conquered painlessly and with levity.  Don't even get me started on goal setting?  Story of my life!

I experienced my own "aha moment" in 2008 when my mom passed away.  My dad was left with all the paperwork, housework, cooking and general daily activities that my mom was always responsible for in their 50+ year marriage.  So the natural reaction for me was to get his house in order, which I did.  The rewarding feeling was twofold, because first and foremost I was able to help my dad, but I also came to know that being a professional organizer is a calling that I would be honored to answer.  Who wouldn't want to live each day helping others and as a result be filled with the knowledge and spirit of goodness.  I also felt a big nudge from my sister-in-law and best friend.

Born and raised in Grafton, WI  I have now lived Minnesota for over 20 years.  I have to be forthright and honest, I still love my Green Bay Packers.

So there you are...you have just met the entire staff and now I hope to meet you.


Organizing projects don't seem to restrict themselves to Monday through Friday, 9-5; so the No Charge initial consultation and appointments are mutually scheduled per project.

Peg Hayes    peg@lean-on-me-solutions.com     507.779.6064

Peg (on the left) and Zelda (on the right) on location at a landscaping project.
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