Lean On Me Solutions

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Lean On Me Solutions
Mankato, MN 56001

Service                                                    Rate

Initial Consultation (1 Hour)                            Free!

Organizing Services                                       $25 per hour

Rush Services                                               $30 per hour

Travel (if more than 40 miles)                         $35 per hour

Payment is due upon project completion. 

The client is responsible for all related expenses associated with the project.

The client is responsible for the full scheduled amount for cancellation less than 24 hours in advance. 
All cancellations must be made by phone.

The client is assured that all work performed and information gathered will be held in strictest confidence.

There is a $20 fee for any returned checks due to insufficient funds.

Teamwork + Collaboration = Positive Results!

Testimonials:  "Peg is an awesome professional organizer with great services!  My husband and I suffer from "trashy car syndrome".  Not to mention we have a 95# dog and not a lot of extra time on our hands to clean out the pounds of hair he sheds.  Peg came to my work, picked up our car and did a complete car detail while I was at work.  The car looks Brand New.  My husband and I are afraid to let the dog back into the car because it's so nice.  If you want your car extremely clean and organized for an affordable rate, Peg is the only way to go!"
Dan & Ann Dempster, Mankato

"Peg, thank you for making my room look great"
Simon Halbur, Kasota

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